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Michael Shirley Named New Lead Host of ‘Project Runway’ Aftershow for Afterbuzz TV

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Michael Shirley

DECEMBER 21, 2016

HOLLYWOOD, CA  –  Today on the Hollywood fashion house’s 6th year anniversary, Doctor Couture announces it’s official brand name change to Michael Shirley. In this transition, the brand is also discontinuing it’s highly sought-after collections of womens ready-to-wear clothing. When asked if these changes more accurately represented the brand’s progression, the brands namesake and creative director, had the following to say,

“In college, when I first had the idea to start my own fashion line and began creating prototypes with friends and advisors for what inevitably ended up as Doctor Couture, the focus was always on men’s fashion. Doctor’s women’s clothing has always thrived and been the real money-maker, which in turn meant that was where the majority of my focus had to go. After a while, I really began to resent the fact that I couldn’t make the mens collection what I wanted it to be… I could be open to the possibility of a capsule or seasonal womens collection at some point, but for the foreseeable future, I’m focused completely on menswear.”

Founded in December 2010, Doctor Couture has been known for it’s celebrity ambassadors and rockstar clientele including Demi Lovato, Nikki Corvette, Nick Simmons, Ryan Ross (Panic At The Disco), Joyce Bonelli (Keeping Up With The Kardashians), Renee Olstead (The Secret Life Of An American Teenager), and Scout-Taylor Compton (The Runaways). The brand underwent it’s last major overhaul when partnering with PETA in March 2014 in an effort to remove all fur, wool, and leather from its forthcoming collections. Moving forward, the brand will continue to offer PETA-approved, cruelty-free clothing.